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Planty Planty Zoo Zoo is a fantastical imaginary zoo and botanic gardens dreamed up by podcast hosts Steph and Connor and described here, on the ridiculous plant (and zoo)-based podcast Planty Planty Zoo Zoo, two species at a time.

The Podcast

Connor oversees the zoo, and Steph looks after the botanic gardens. Each week, they take turns adding one new species of animal and plant to Planty Planty Zoo Zoo. Connor, who works in a real-life zoo, shares fascinating facts and stories about his chosen animal, while Steph, an environmental communicator, chats about the importance and unique qualities of her chosen plant.

Through lively discussions about why they want their chosen species in Planty Planty Zoo Zoo, Steph and Connor transport listeners to an imaginary world, where they can learn about and appreciate the huge biodiversity of our planet. Taking into account the animals' needs and the plants' ideal conditions, they suggest how they’d show their species off in Planty Planty Zoo Zoo, and talk about the conservation efforts being taken to protect these species and their habitats out in the wild.


From the most mysterious of mammals to the best of botanics, Steph and Connor cover it all. So whether you're a nature lover, or simply curious about the wonders of the natural world, Planty Planty Zoo Zoo will have something for you you!



Steph is the ultimate plant parent and environmental enthusiast! Steph's love for plants means her and Connor's home could easily be mistaken for some kind of chaotically maintained botanical garden. Her passion for wildlife conservation has taken her to some truly wild places, from being covered in leeches in Borneo to dangling above the canopy of the oldest rainforest in the world, but these days she can be found exploring the wilds of Bristol. When she's not busy tending to her leafy friends (or human ones), she's chatting away about environmental issues, spreading the word about the importance of protecting our wildlife. 


Connor is a proper zoo nerd. His obsession with animals is so intense he somehow managed to shoehorn giant pandas into his psychology studies. A few years back, he started volunteering at Bristol Zoo as a way of getting experience… and then he never left. He now puts his zoo-nerdiness to good use as a conservation educator, teaching audiences about the incredible wildlife at Wild Place Project. He also advocates for young people's involvement in conservation - which you'll know if you've spoken to him for longer than 3 minutes! Constantly in search of the overlooked, under-appreciated animals, Connor loves a rarity and is often found at other zoos taking some very amateur photos!

The Hosts

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